wow so i just found out it was announced that penny tration is going to be on season 5 and somehow had enough faith in people to not realise how rude some of yalls reactions would be. rude & ignorant.

can we take a step back for a minute here and recognize that a large portion of our community has dealt with being bullied, called names, put down, etc. why would you want to project that on to someone else? if you wish someone else took the spot, you are perfectly entitled to that opinion. but there is a way to go about it. you don’t even need to sugar coat shit you can be blunt and still respect other people and let them enjoy their success. 

there was a time when drag queens would be shot at down the street. nowadays there is a show focused around drag that is gaining more and more fans every single day. just be happy that a drag queen is even going to be on TV and that we live in a time where people are accepting enough for this to even be aired! be happy that some gay boy with a dream has finally been given the chance to show the world what they can do and stop pretending that you’re “throwing shade” when you have nothing more than a negative opinion on somebody you don’t know who is doing something that you know nothing about. we should all wish adore luck for next year and celebrate that so many people voted for her and congratulate penny tration for getting on the show, because at the end of the day those bitches are just grindin and some of yall are just HATIN and thats NOT what drag or our community is about and you can call me a mothafuckin pageant queen bitch but at the end of the day this is THE REAL T and those of yall who are being rude and making hateful comments that are irrelevant to the situation should be ASHAMED OF YALL SELVES

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