ismokerock replied to your post: people STILL need to lay off Tyra Sanchez

Hard faced bitches will always be pressed. They wish they looked half as good as Tyra when they get up in Geish.

Seriously though! Homegurls wanna be reading a bitch about shit they know nothing about. Im like GURL, RuPaul herself crowned this queen america’s next drag superstar. & people are like “ugh, her wig line. ugh her boobs”

but i’m sat here thinking, well, DARLING, you ain’t no fuckin’ drag queen. what do you really know about wig lines? or anything else, for that matter.

girl plz. sit down.

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    I think eyes are the only prerequisite for being able to say who looks a hot mess, and Tyra looked a hot mess in that...
  2. erikseanavery said: *round of applause* O-KAY! Drag is an ARTFORT, to the fucking fullest. If someone has something to say, they better be able to paint their face for the gods, and jack their wig up sky-high. Just sayin’! :D
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